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Little Fawn’s Salt Lick

Posted by Vianki on January 10, 2009

Mini-pet, Companions, little pets, vanity pets — I want them all. I was never a Poke’mon fan but i can’t help but feel like a fanatic with my “Gotta chatch ’em all” attitude. And now- When I get 100 of the little blighters, Vix can have a  ” Little Fawn’s Salt Lick” (not on Wowhead yet.) So… I need 75 and I currently have 54. Here’s the comprehensive list.

OOPS!!! This article isn’t actually done, but since I can’t unpublish it, I’ll leave it for now. I’ll re-publish it when I actually have it finished. (btw- if anyone knows how to un-publish in wordpress let me know please?)

Wowinsider article

Currently Have-

1 Ancona Chicken

2 Azure Whelpling

3 Baby Blizzard Bear

4 Black Kingsnake

5 Black Tabby Cat

6 Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling

7 Blue Moth

8 Bombay Cat

9 Brown Prairie Dog

10 Brown Rabbit

11 Brown Snake

12 Cockatiel

13 Cockroach

14 Crimson Snake

15 Cornish Rex Cat

16 Father Winter’s Helper

17 Firefly

18 Frosty

19 Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling

20 Ghostly Skull

21 Great Horned Owl

22 Green Wing Macaw

23 Hawk Owl

24 Jubling

25 Lifelike Toad

26 Mana Wyrmling

27 Mechanical Squirrel

28 Miniwing

29 Orange Tabby Cat

30 Pengu

31 Proto-Drake Whelp

32 Red Dragonhawk Hatchling

33 Red Moth

34 Senegal

35 Siamese Cat

36 Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling

37 Silver Tabby Cat

38 Sinister Squashling

39 Smolderweb Hatchling

40 Snowshoe Rabbit

41 Spirit of Summer

42 Stinker

43 Tiny Snowman

44 Tiny Sporebat

45 Tranquil Mechanical Yeti

46 Tree Frog

47 Vampiric Batling

48 Westfall Chicken

49 White Kitten

50 White Moth

51 Winter Reindeer

52 Winter’s Little Helper

53 Wolpertinger

54 Wood Frog

55 Worg Pup

56 Yellow Moth


(57) Chuck

(58) [Muckbreath]

(59) [Snarly]

(60) [Toothy]

(61) Tiny Emerald Whelpling]

(62) [Tiny Crimson Whelpling]

(63) [Dark Whelpling]

(64) [Mojo]

(65) [Mechanical Chicken]

(66) [Disgusting Oozeling]

(67) [Magical Crawdad]

(68) [Nether Ray Fry]

(69) [Kwee Q. Peddlefeet]

(70) Cobra Hatchling

(71) Giant Sewer Rat

(72) White Tickbird Hatchling

(73) Kirin Tor Familiar

Children’s Week- only one attainable per yer

Rare Drop- Unlikely

(75) Hyacinth Macaw

(76) Phoenix Hatchling

(77) Scorchling

(78) Tentacle Call

Possible Future Northrend Fishing Daily Reward–

Albino Snapjaw

Hawksbill Snapjaw

Loggerhead Snapjaw

Leatherback Snapjaw

Olive Snapjaw

Unknown Origin- (there are also some bugged “summon pet” spells listed on wowhead that I have no included.)

Baby Shark

Pet Fish

Pet Stone

White Tiger Cub

Doesn’t count towards Total–

Clockwork Rocket Bot

Corrupted Kitten


Impossible- (req. Alliance only, a profession required, is a redemption item, or no longer available, Rep no longer available or crippling to character.)

Dragon Kite



Rocket Chicken

Spirit of Competition

[Blood Parrot]


Chilly the Penguin

Ethereal Soul-Trader


Golden Pig

Hippogryph Hatchling

Essence of Competition


Mini Diablo

Mini Tyrael

Panda Cub

Pet Bombling

Silver Pig



Sprite Darter Hatchling

Lil’ Smoky

Spirit of Competition



17 Responses to “Little Fawn’s Salt Lick”

  1. […] insider tells almost everything you need to know here.  And I have a list of all the mini pets here- Including which i have and which i need and which are impossible, etc. An even better source for […]

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