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New 3.0.8 Patch notes

Posted by Vianki on January 14, 2009

Hunter’s Mark: Now only affects the hunter and buffs any shot by 300% Think sniper rifle Sights. Ya, just like that.

Scorpids: Scorpids are now multi-faceted. Depending on what skin you get they’ll be Tenacity, Ferocity, or Cunning. This is too allow Scorpid lovers to always have a scorpid with them.

Pet Taming: There has been a massive re-work of pet taming. The idea of simply casting a spell on them was poorly done and we’re sorry. You’re hunters, not mages, and taming a pet should require skill. Pet food will now be able to be placed on the ground much like a feast and a new trap called animal cage will need to be  used. Attacking the animal makes no sense at all, so now you will have to find the animal, make a trail of food to the cage, and call the animal using a special whistle for that type of animal that you only get after killing at least 50 of that animal. (preseumably to better know the intracacies of the species.)

Once the animal is trapped you have to continue to feed it and will get a bar with various “Training” pet spells such as “pet,” “soothe,” “discipline,” and “reward.” During this time you can also traing your pet to Sit, Stay, roll over, play dead, beg, and fetch by using the “good boy!” Key when he does these things randomly. These are not battle commands, they are simply for fun. Pet combat will remain the same.

During the first 24 hrs  of playtime with the pet out, there will be a chance your pet can turn on you and begin doing damage. This chance increases the higher the level of the pet in comparison to your level. You must continue to use the taming commands to keep them in check, and taking damage or dying in battle  does not make them like you more. The “happiness” spells from healing or killing only apply once the pet is fully tamed. The overall taming process should take no longer than a week, but expect at least a few days.

We have implemented this new taming technique to keep players from randomly abandoning their pets. The capital city animal shelters and wild-animal control have been having a hard time. Because of this, if you abandon a pet within a capital city and not it it’s original environment, you will be fined 50-500g (depending on your income.)

Shotgun: This new ability is much like multishot except that it can attack 1 target with multiple hits or hit multiple targets with one hit. This result is determined directly by proximity. This shot only available to guns.

William Tell: This new shot, only available to bows, Grants incredibly accuracy and has twice the distance of a normal shot. It grants a 20% buff to “accuracy” which affects RAP and Int.

Steady shot: This shot now requires the hunter to /kneel to fire. An offhand steady shot was just ludicris and we know it. Sorry.

Mail: Hunters can still wear mail but each additional piece of mail lessens their tracking ability, their melee DPS, and any mail makes it impossible to tame a pet.

The Hunter Trees are remaining the same for now, but in an upcoming patch the hunter class will be divided into a “Hunter” class, which will include a bow-rogue, SV, and MM, and a Beast Master Hero Class. We’re not sure of the details yet, but Think back to the Beast Master in WCIII and you’ll get the Idea. Bears? oh ya. Birds? you betcha. More goodies? totally.

Loquenta’hak is no longer available for taming. For those servers that he has never been tamed on he will be tameable once, then become untameable. Thus making him truly a one-of-a-kind. Har’koa will also be tameable once, but not in a party or a raid. the hunter must be alone. The chance that Har’Koa will eat you is very high. If the same hunter tames both they will attain the achievement “Breeder” and once a week will get a Spirit beast Cub. This Mini-pet will grow into a combat pet after 3 months. They are non-soulbound. The skin will be similar to the other spirit beasts but smaller and slightly less cool.

Taurens are no longer able to tame carnivious pets. (seriosuly, who thought of that?)

Undead are able to “conjure” pet food and /trade it to a hunter. The will lose a small amount of stamina for 30 min. The food however can be gnawed upon for 4 hrs.

Cooking Recepie: Rawhid. This pet food generates happiness and sharpens teeth. “Scratching post,” and other pet-specific items are on the way.


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  1. My fellow on Orkut shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed that I came to your blog.

  2. Becky said

    Hello. Very interesting Blog. Not really what i have searched over Google, but thanks for the information.

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