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Little Fawn….

Posted by Vianki on January 22, 2009

Bambie I seem to be getting a TON of hits for the Little Fawn’s salt lick, so I thought I’d post more information.

Little Fawn is the reward for completing the Lil’ Game Hunter achievement.   He’s a cute little fawn and the only requirement of this achievement is that you get 75 companion pets. ….. 75. I am a vanity pet addict and I only have 56. That’s a long way to go!

Wow insider tells almost everything you need to know here.  And I have a list of all the mini pets here– Including which i have and which i need and which are impossible, etc. An even better source for small-pet info is here-

Good luck on your quest for this cute little guy! I have seen very few Stinker’s around so I know Little Fawn will be even more rare. Have fun!


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