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Lunar Festival

Posted by Vianki on January 25, 2009

Vix is a World-event Junkie. She loves them! The first one to peak her interest was Brewfest a few years ago and now she is addicted. (**Edit- To world events, not Brew. **) What’s more- there’s a really neat prize from getting all the World-event titiles – The Violet Proto-drake. As soon as this was announced it was our goal. Given some of the requirements it may take more than a year, but it will happen.

We’re a little….purterbed? annoyed?…. about something. This lunar festival, These Achievements must be completed. One of them, the Dungeon Elders, the player must be 80 to accomplish.

That is what annoys us. World events have always been fun for everyone- not just the elite. And the bosses usually only require lvl 60 or so. But this is the second time (possibly more) that a difficult requirement has been a must for an achievement. (The first was the high-cooking lvl necessary for Merrymaker.) What is Blizz trying to accomplish? These light-hearted achievements are meant to be extra fun, not an extra grind. Now, Vix is already 80 so it’s not a huge deal, but we’re thinking of those that are not yet there, who are casual players, that love world events as we do. They will waste time during the event leveling to 80 instead of enjoying the festivities. Sad.


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