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Wow addiction

Posted by Vianki on February 4, 2009

/Vixie here

Mirshalak posted about the possible reasons he’s “addicted” to wow, and it got me thinking. Why do I play? Why can I not stop playing? Why do I have 70 days of my life logged in this game and not….. doing whatever else?

Social- I think my Primary reason for playing is social. And not just wanting to chill with guildies- though this year’s new year was quite awesome- whole bottle of Cham-pag-nee to myself, T and I chilling online, and the whole guild drunk off their mounts telling jokes and having fun. (some having too much fun but I’ll leave that alone.) As much as I love guild socialization I also love the time I spend with my man.

T plays wow a lot. He has a very active brain and unlike most men is very capable of multi-tasking. In fact, he HAS to be multitasking. He’ll have the TV on, be browsing blogs/articles/loot tables and be playing. Sometime double-boxing to level his characters faster. He has 6? lvl 70’s, and at least 2 80’s. I can’t really keep track. He plays this game a LOT. Now the girls out there reading this are all going “Ugh! how can you stand that!? If all my man ever did was….” Shut It. Seriously. Do you know him? no? Alright– moving on.  Relationship-y repurcussions or benefits aside, he plays a lot and one of the best ways for me to socialize with him is to Play.

Think about this- It’s something we both enjoy (though i admit he enjoys it more than I do.) and it’s a co-op. How many activities do couples get to do where they are a TEAM? Where they have to work together to achieve a common goal? Communicate effectivly? Integrate well as individuals and a couple into other social groups? I suppose you could say the same thing about playing team tennis or a bowling league, but how are those better than video games? Because they don’t have the stigma? I don’t actually care about what the general consensus of approval is for my activities as long as they are something that I enjoy and they are not morally degrading. I play becuase I like to team up with my hunny, mash some buttons, laugh with friends, and kill the bad guys.

Mental- I like a challenge. This is actually why i’m NOT an alt-a-holic like so many. I am a hunter. I don’t even play my pally anymore. I am a hunter through and through and for me the challenge is being the best hunter I can be. If I were to have a ton of alts I’d try to be the best hunter-pally-mage-rogue-drood I could be and it would consume too much time and energy. So I picked the one thing and I master it. Recently with the BM nerf I’m entering a new and exciting challenge- I am mastering SV. Don’t get me wrong- I’ll go back to BM. but now that it’s a viable raid spec being the best hunter I can be includes knowing the skills, abilities, and limitations of all the specs that my class and have. So I’m learning to be a trap-dancer and sniper. Can’t say it’s as much fun, but I like the challenge. Spamming my steady shot macro was getting a bit old so the challenge re-awakened me to my addiction.

— More reasons to come.


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    interesting post, will come back here, bookmarked your site

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