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Posted by Vianki on August 11, 2009

Life, while essentially based upon living, sometimes needs to be escaped. Today I would like an escape. I would like to just not exist today. Which is impossible. Similarly impossible is getting everything I apparently need to do, done. Today, if it were perfect, I would:

Get the grocery shopping magically done without going to the store.
Consolidate my student loans, though apparently no one does that these days.
Call all the girls that promised to come to my Candle party and didn’t (either time) and suggest they order something so i can get the pretty centerpiece for my wedding.
Find a big, Gothic, Catholic church on the mountain with a killer reception location that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.
Figure out where the heck to start marriage counseling.
Sign up all my Mary Kay customers for the holiday catalog, send them a personalized post card, and call them to see how they are and if they need any product.
Skip work entirely.
Go through my computer and prepare it for a re-image.
Upload all my Mary Kay CD’s to my computer so I can actually listen to them and throw the cd’s themselves away.
Figure out why my counselor told me my 3 credit class was worth 5 and my 1 credit class was worth 3 hence making me 2 credits short of graduating despite the fact that I walked.
Get completly smashed.
Work out til i puke in the hopes of losing 40 lbs in one day.
Compile all my poetry ( a project i’ve been working on for years and never seem to finish)
Practice piano and get as skilled as I was.
Play Wow with people that are mature, intelligent, skilled at their class, and enjoy the RP aspect of the game, not just the pew-pew.
Play with my kitteh.
Sit on the couch and do absolutely nothing for at least 10 min.

With so much to do, why the heck would I take 10 min to write this? Sometimes you just need to put it on paper to put everything in proportion. Now that I seem most of those things are impossible and ludicrous i’m no longer stressed about not doing them. And those that are possible, I realize i just need to stop stressing about doing them all right this second. I guess i just need to breathe.


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