Chuck and his Belf

Hunters, Photography and ME, Chuck the Scorpid.

  • chuck1 - loqbig


Steadyshot/kill command

#showtooltip Steady Shot
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/cast !Auto Shot
/cast Steady Shot
/cast [target=pettarget, exists] Kill command
/console Sound_EnableSFX 1
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

Pet attack, assist tank

/assist focus
/cast mend pet

Pet attack/mend pet- pet or non-tank is focus

/cast mend pet

Tank is focus, cast MD

/target focus
/cast misdirection
/assist focus

Mount Macro

/stopmacro [flying]
/dismount [mounted]
/use [nomounted,flyable,nomodifier:alt] Blue Windrider
/stopmacro [flyable,nomodifier:alt]
/use [nomounted] Swift Green Hawkstrider

Trinket Macro

/cast Bladefist’s breadth
/stop casting
/cast hunter’s mark

Target specific evil thing in kara-

/target demon


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