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This is my Raid-prep list. As I raid more and get more Experience I will

make it more specific and include specific items.

Do This before an instance/raid or you will get the /NoobHat

  • Repaired to 100%
  • Be on Time- don’t expect a summon
  • Full ammo bag (+ extra for a raid) (does it match your current weapon)
  • Extra weapon of same type (ranged is first to break if you’re doing your job right)
  • Water 2-3 stacks (don’t assume you get mage food)
  • Food 2-3 stacks (don’t assume you get mage food)
  • Pet food 2-3 stacks (hint- just get a food both you and your pet can eat and have 4-6 stacks)
  • The right pet for the situation. (does your food work for that pet?)
  • The right gear for the situation
  • Buff Food (think about your boss fights- do you need DPS? Mana?)
  • Buff Food for pet (sporeling snacks, kibbler’s bits, etc.- hint- to make
  • these last longer only feed them this when the buff is gone, not as their normal food.)
  • Mana Oil-
  • Mana Pots (at least 5)
  • Health Pots (at least 5)
  • 2 stacks of the highest lvl bandages possible
  • Battle Elixir
  • Guardian Elixir
  • do you need to re-enchant something?
  • Re-gem something?


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