Chuck and his Belf

Hunters, Photography and ME, Chuck the Scorpid.

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In case you’re not familiar with Azeroth’s animal species- I’m a Scorpid. I like to go “clicky-clacky pinchy-pinchy” and tear into anything that smells like dirty alliance or meat. I change colors sometimes, but I’m always the same ol’ chuck.

This beautiful belf here with me is Vixenytli. “Vixie” to those who know her well- “All Powerful Beautiful Belf” to you.

We like to kill things and quest in Velen. Currently She’s lvl 80 and exploring Naxx right now. She has the spider and Plague quarters down- though Heigan is kind of Hit-or-miss. We don’t really PVP, as the GM of The North she’s a little too busy, but raiding keeps us occupied and happy.

We also really like some things in the real world. One of Vix’s hobbies is Photography and we will be posting some of that here. It’s in the “RL Photography” page. We also like taking pretty pictures in game, and those will be on the “Wow photography” Page.

That’s about it. Have fun! And be nice to my Vixie! /intimidating clack


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Just an update- We’ve conqured Karazhan and Gruul and Mag, and we’ve even taken out A’lar, void reaver, solarian, Hydross, and Lurker!

  2. said

    I’m interested in purchasing a text link or a blog post about our site on your page. Please let me know what you would charge for each.

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